Valencia: The Birthplace of Paella

Valencia was the birthplace of Spain's most iconic and renowned dish, the beautifully rich paella. And, consequently, the city attracts cook cooks from all over Spain to create the best paella. However, Valencian-style paella has some rules for cooks to follow.

Paella was originally a humble farmer's dish. Therefore, the ingredients typically associated with a traditional paella include chicken, rabbit, beans, saffron and snails! Quite different to the usual seafood paellas we have become accustomed to. However, as important as taste is in Valencian paella competitions, it is also essential to put on a show and entertain the crowd.

World Paella Day!

The month of rice hosts World Paella Day on 20th September, and its birthplace, Valencia, knows how to celebrate in grandeur. With Valencia being the most extensive rice-producing area of Spain - it's perfect. The paellas are cooked in laughably oversized pans, and spectators may mistake the pans for a giant's portion! However, paella is intended to be cooked and shared on a large scale between friends and family, helping to bring communities together through the shared love of Spanish cuisine.

The paella is cooked outdoors over a wood fire, making it a perfect spectator event and comes with the promise of a portion of paella for all. The sociable aspects of paella are exactly why World Paella Day is celebrated and why everyone should get involved!

Valencia: The Birthplace of Paella

Reuniting Communities Through Food

In Spain, it is recognised that paella has the power in igniting a sense of community. So, companies in Spain have partnered up with the government to bring huge paella cook-offs to Spanish towns to encourage the community to come and celebrate their culture together.

On 20th September, restaurants and schools will serve paella as their main dish to honour tradition. The hope of World Paella Day is for communities worldwide to get involved and cook Spain's most famous traditional dish, uniting the world through the shared love of paella. To encourage the world to get involved, they have enlisted the help of top chefs to share their paella recipes. And, you can get involved too!

Whether it is by cooking your own traditional, Valencia style paella with humble ingredients or taking on the more modern ideas of paella with varieties of seafood, you can get together with your loved ones. After such a challenging year, why not use World Paella Dat as another excuse to catch up and socialise.

In some ways, World Paella Day has come at the perfect time to reunite the world as lockdown restrictions are slowly eased.

Valencia: The Birthplace of Paella

Paellas Ole Can Help!

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- Jorge & Javi