The World’s Biggest Paella

We know that paella is for sharing amongst friends, family and loved ones. However, some paella cooks didn't want to stop there, cooking up a storm in the world's largest paella dish. Whilst paella competitions in Spain are pretty standard and spark heated debates over the best, most protected family recipes. This Valencian paella company turned up the heat in a way no other could achieve, creating not only a delicious meal but a showstopper event!

World Record Breakers

In 1992, Galbis, a company in Moratalaz, Madrid, set the world record of feeding an astonishing 100,000 people from one paella dish! And if that wasn't large enough, in 2013, they broke this record and set a new world record, feeding 110,000 people from one paella!

If you're struggling to comprehend that number, Wembley stadium has a capacity of 90,000! The company Galbis could have fed the whole of Wembley from one dish plus extra helpings! There were so many portions to serve that Galbis enlisted the army's help to feed the spectators at the event.

The company, rightfully so, made it into the Guinness World Record Book for their monstrous paella. They took the idea of reuniting friends and family to the next level, as this company managed to unite a whole town plus more, as Moratalaz' population is only around 104,000. So now that you have an idea of how many people they served let's try and wrap our heads around the size of the paella pan.

The World’s Biggest Paella

A Monstoruous Paella Pan!

The pan itself was a colossal 21.5m in diameter! It was so big that it needed a platform halfway across so the eighty chefs working on it could stir it. The cooking process took from 8 am to 1 pm, and the paella weighed 32 tonnes!

The Recipe

In case any of you at home are looking to attempt this monstrous paella recipe, we will list the ingredients below:
6000 Kg of rice
12,000 Kg of chicken and rabbit
5000 Kg of vegetables
1,100 ltr of olive oil
250 Kg of salt
16 Kg of saffron
13,000 ltr of water

With this vast list of ingredients, you may be thinking, 'oh my gosh, the cleanup!' However, Galbis used the clean-up to break a second world record, as the entire pan was cleaned with only one litre of fairy washing up liquid! Still, we're glad it's not us having to be part of that clean-up squad!

The World’s Biggest Paella

The Battle of the Paellas

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