Introducing Paellas Ole: The New Paella Delivery Service!

¡Hola Amigos!

Welcome to Paellas Ole, London's newest and most innovative Spanish takeaway service. We're just two friends who moved from Spain to London, missing the flavour of home. After numerous attempts to try different 'authentic' Spanish restaurants, we were disappointed to find that none met the standards we were used to at home. We couldn't believe the lack of Spanish takeaways on the market, and so it was decided we had to do it ourselves!

With travel being a bit more tricky due to Covid, one mouthful of our paellas means your tastebuds will travel to Spain all from the comfort of your home.

Introducing Paellas Ole: The New Paella Delivery Service!

Our Mission
We wanted to make sure Paellas Ole brought authentic, delicious paellas to London alongside other traditional tapas dishes; paella is designed to be eaten out of the pan and shared amongst friends and family. Therefore, Paellas Ole is ideal for Friday night takeaway night with friends, family or colleagues, or even as a mid-week treat for yourself!

As sustainability is at the forefront of our mind, we decided to serve our traditional paellas still in the pan - exactly how we eat them back in Spain! We also wanted to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste the takeaway industry is responsible for; in 2020, 78 million tonnes of plastic packaging was created globally. And, only 14% was recycled!

By ordering your takeaway from us, you'll be actively reducing the amount of waste plastic and cutting down on all those plastic containers that everyone has piled up at home! We are proud to offer a reusable, sustainable food delivery service, and in doing so, we can savour the best flavours from the pan. All we ask is that you hold onto the pan, and we will come round and collect the pans the next day!

It makes total sense, your paella comes looking impressively, mouthwateringly fresh, and you can feel better about cutting down on plastic!

Introducing Paellas Ole: The New Paella Delivery Service!

Showstopper At-Home Cooking Services

If you want to pull out the ultimate showstopper, Paellas Ole also offers at-home cooking services, ideal for impressing guests and hosting the best party in London. Who knows, you might even pick up some tips and tricks to make your own delicious paella one day as well!

After browsing our menu, pick out what you want and send us a message; we'd be happy to help spread some Spanish love through our cooking. Paella is supposed to be shared, making it the perfect party food to bring a group together through the love of Spanish cuisine. We also will cater to corporate events and birthday parties. Now don't get us wrong, we all love 'finger food' from time to time at parties, but imagine how much better a fresh, rich, authentic paella would be, one mouthful will transcend you from cold, grey England to the warm evening airs of Valencia Spain - the home of paella.

If this has you drooling, then please view our menu and select which paella you'll be serving for your next takeaway! We are also available on UberEats and Deliveroo for easy home delivery. If you are interested in our catering services, then please head to our website for more information.

- Jorge & Javi