Gluten-Free Paellas? No Problem!

Whether you're gluten-free by choice or have been diagnosed as coeliac, Paellas Ole understands how frustrating it can be to find good gluten-free options on the menu. Gluten-free menus are growing more popular by the day, with an estimated 8.5 million people in the UK going gluten-free! However, we still find that these gluten-free substitutes never really live up to the regular options on the menu. So it can be pretty frustrating going out for food with friends and being restricted in your choices or wishing you could try some of everyone else's food.

At Paellas Ole, all our paellas are gluten-free, with no sacrifice to flavour or quality, and since the entire menu is gluten-free, you can enjoy our food with no worries of cross-contamination and try a range of our products.

What's in our Paellas?

We offer a range of paellas, and like any paella, rice makes up the base of the dish. However, since rice is typically always gluten-free, paella is an excellent choice for people looking to eat less gluten.

We cook the rice in our gluten-free, fresh, delicious stock. Thus, creating the exotic spicy flavour we all know and love from traditional paella. We use only the finest seafood ingredients to accompany the dishes, adding a healthy and fresh source of protein to each dish. Or if you're vegetarian, then we can cater to you as well, with colourful and flavourful vegetables that pack a punch.

Each dish is naturally gluten-free, meaning you can choose from our vast range of paellas off the menu without being limited to choices. This means you and your friend can mix and match as you don't have to look on with food envy at their options -like in most restaurants.

Explore our menu today.

Spanish food has some of the best gluten-free options:

In general, Spanish food is excellent for gluten-free dining; unlike Italian cuisine, it's not all white carb-based. Most paellas in Spain are gluten-free, and that's why ours are as well. If you are interested in our Tapas options as well, we offer great gluten-free choices here too. As we offer such a range of naturally occurring gluten-free options, it reflects the quality of our ingredients as none of our dishes are overly processed, which is often where gluten is added. Our priority is cooking fresh and flavourful Spanish dishes that are sure to impress.

Paellas Ole is ideal for catering to large groups as paellas are designed to be shared amongst friends and family. As our paellas and most of our tapas are gluten-free, we are an ideal food vendor to cater to large groups and parties. Therefore, you won't have guests missing out and being restricted on what they can eat. This means you'll be known as the host that catered to all and looks out for their guest's individual dietary needs. This is an excellent way of making everyone feel included and bring together people through their shared love of food.

So whether you're looking to cater for a large group or simply looking for a new Friday night takeaway option, here at Paellas Ole, we have food for everyone. If you hate feeling restricted when eating out, then look no further as our range of paellas is sure to take your fancy - without the fear of bloating or discomfort. Head over to our website to browse our delicious dishes, or you can find us on popular food delivery apps UberEats and Deliveroo.