Bringing Spain To You! Food delivery companies are expanding our taste buds

Food and drink are a massive part of culture today, whether trying the new Lebanese place down the road or testing out that Nigerian Jollof recipe you saw on TikTok. Cooking is becoming a form of expression, and everyone loves trying different foods from around the world. Gone are the days of meat and potatoes for tea; instead, UK families are cooking katsu curries and dahls for dinner or ordering a taste of Spain.

So what caused this massive shift in bringing new foods into UK households? Online delivery services, of course! Thanks to the accessibility of delivery services these days, people are trying more new places and branching out their taste buds. With the convenience of apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats, users can browse through whole categories of cuisine rather than relying on the local chippy down the road every Friday. Be honest, before food delivery apps, how would you have known to try Paellas Ole and have paella delivered and served in the comfort of your own home? Food delivery apps are bringing restaurant-quality food to your doorstep all through the click of a button.

Bringing Spain To You! Food delivery companies are expanding our taste buds

Through the UK's shared love of food, more and more people are coming together to experience new cultures and branch out their taste buds. So it's no surprise that millennials are the biggest consumers for food delivery services, trying out new flavours and popularising cuisines that no one had ever experienced ten years ago. A report from Technomic suggests that 3 in 5 millennials order from food delivery apps. Unsurprisingly millennials have also been classed as the 'foodie' generation for the shared love of all things food—whole Instagram accounts and blogs dedicated to trying new cuisines and touring the countries quirkiest and freshest restaurants. Thus, when covid struck many people were sad that they could no longer go out and experience new restaurants!

Covid-19 forced everyone to adapt to a new way of living, and with the help of food delivery apps, both restaurants and consumers could satisfy their foodie cravings. With the closure of restaurants, many businesses were forced to adapt and run a takeaway business to survive. Whether this was small businesses such as ourselves at Paellas Ole or high-end restaurants. People were able to access any food they wanted from any restaurant pretty much at the click of a button. Even now that restrictions have eased, many restaurants have chosen to continue with delivery services, recognising that they can increase their business to cater to more people than their establishment may hold!

At Paellas Ole, we love being able to cater to people all across London, and thanks to food delivery apps, more and more people are starting to notice our restaurant and order from us. In addition, we have the advantage of being only one of few Spanish restaurants in the city to serve authentic and fresh Spanish cuisine to our customers.

Bringing Spain To You! Food delivery companies are expanding our taste buds

When we moved here from Spain, we thought it was crazy how limited your choice was when it came to Spanish delivery services. That's why we are available on Deliveroo and JustEat to make sure that wherever you are in the city, you can try our delicious paellas. We love trying new cuisines and cultures, and our customers love it too! Trying out our authentic paellas is a great way to get everyone together and gather around the paella in traditional Spanish style. We deliver our Paellas still in the pan so that you can get the authentic Spanish experience, none of those plastic containers - making us eco-friendly as well!

If you're looking to try something new, why not choose us at Paellas Ole? We promise to impress you and your foodie friends with our extensive menu catering to all dietary needs and expand your taste buds, making us your new go-to takeaway! If you would like to browse our menu, please head over to our website or find us on Deliveroo and UberEats.