Who Are We?

We are Paellas Ole - a restaurant bringing the wonderful flavours of España directly to your doorstep in London! As two friends living away from home who are highly passionate about our cultural cuisine, we decided that it was about time our area had traditional Spanish food ready and available to order. Unfortunately, before Paellas Ole, we found that there were very few paella restaurants or takeaway services out there - especially not ones that are authentic and delicious. As our country's most recognised dish, this seemed crazy to us! So Paellas Ole was born! So why not join us and try our exquisite offerings today?

- Jorge and Javi, Paellas Ole Founders

How Do We Stand Out?

We aren't like any other food takeaway company. We aim to bring the full traditions of Spanish dining directly to your home here in the UK. Paellas take their name from the wide, shallow pan used traditionally in cooking the dish. That is why we deliver the whole paella entirely with its pan so you can experience a Spanish meal the right way alongside family and friends. Then, afterwards, we will collect the pan to reuse for another customer. The ultimate aim is to change the takeaway industry for the better!

What Are Our Beliefs?

We believe that each and every person should try Spanish cuisine. It is a fantastic experience - a unique one at that, and something truly dear to our hearts. We also believe that family and friends are everything. Without them, we are nothing. And with them, we have meaning. That is exactly why the paella dish exists - it is meant for sharing with those closest to you. Finally, we further believe in great quality service, from the preparation of the food to its delivery and everything else in between.